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whale shark holboxIt is the common name of the largest known fish in theworld, which isnative to tropical oceans around the globe. The whale shark can reach a length of 50 feet and weigh more than 18 tons. Its coloration is dark blue on top and white on its chest and belly. There are white circular spots and vertical lines all around. For its coloration, it is known regionally as "domino."

The whale shark is darker than most sharks. On its head and back are wide ridges that run the length of the shark. It has a wide flat nose and its jaws are armed with many small teeth that are incapable of doing any damage to a human. The slats in the gills are very large. The whale shark eats small fish and plankton which are filtered through the water by way of its large gills.

It is non-harmful to human beings and actually seems to enjoy the company of humans as much as dolphins do.
Whale shark babies hatch from eggs while in the mother and therefore are born live. While this species appeares dangerous, it does not attack humans and actually allows people to swim alongside them.

They eat plankton which they suck in by large amounts,  maintaining the ecological balance of the Mesoamerican Reef. This reef is one of the 200 outstanding ecological zones of the world according to the conservation organization, World Wildlife Foundation.

The Adventure

An unforgettable adventure in Holbox that has become the best attraction and greatest show on the island is when the whale sharks come for a seasonal visit to the Caribbean and pass very close to the island of Holbox. They arrive in groups of as many as 100. These animals are also known as the domino shark. They are very tranquil to the point that you can swim with them thanks to our services and exclusive boats.

Holboxeño, I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, which we operate with the best service and quality on the island, allows you to admire this marvelous show. You will take a 2 hour trip in the open sea from the island and with a little luck on the trip you will see giant mantas, sea turtles and dancing dolphins. Even birds,  such as flamingos, can be seen on this trip. To see all of this will be one of the greatest experiences of your life. You will not regret making the time in your vacation plans to experience swimming with the world's largest shark.


The Expedition

An expedition on board the HOLBOXEÑO'S I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IXwhale shark holbox

It is difficult to describe the sensation that is caused by swimming along side a whale shark,having an encounter with the huge animal, looking into its eyes and feeling his loving look.

Each year many whale sharks come to the waters of the Caribbean Sea at the Mesoamerican Reef to feed. On board one of our Holboxeño boats and with the help of our expert crew we will try to find and have the greatest experience a human being can have--swimming with the whale shark.


It is not necessary to be a scuba diver to participate in this activity. On many occasions whale sharks swim at the surface and in shallow areas.

The best way to enjoy them is simply with fins, mask and snorkle. Those who don'whale shark holboxt know how to swim can also enjoy the occasion from the surface of the boat. During this visit there will be interesting presentations about the whale shark and its nature. Our guides are experts on the topic.

The crew of the Holboxeño have years of experience in looking for the whale sharks and very rarely are unable to find them on these expeditions. On the trip you will have access to any kind of snacks and drinks or other items you may need. This is a service that we provide at the regular price of our store. You will have the best vacation adventure and learning experience of your life.


The trip's itinerary is always flexible, depending on the weather and the desires of the group.
It is recommended that the trip start before the sun comes up (7:00 am) to take advantage of the tranquility and ensure the success of the trip. Also we recommend that you bring a camera (preferably water proof) in order to take pictures of this trip will be oned of greatest memories of your life.


  1. Coffe Break
  2. Certificate Guide
  3. Snorkel equipment
  4. Box Lunch (Sandwich, Sodas, Water, Fruits)
  5. 5 hour trip
  6. 10 person maximum per boat

Rules for snokeling with whale shark

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